Our Products

Kenwood offers VHF, UHF, and P25 solutions.  Kenwood Radios are known for their light weight, compact size and lasting durability.

Kenwood NX 5900

Kenwood NX 5200

 Dual Band Viking Portables

Viking Portables

Motorola VHF and UHF Mobiles and Portables

Motorola CM300

Motorola CP200d

Feniex is an engineering and manufacturing company of emergency vehicle lighting.  Their robust product line offers the thinnest and brightest emergency lighting on the market.

Unication is one of the world wide leaders in designing paging for first responders.  Their VHF and UHF paging has 700mhz, 800mhz, and P25 capability. 

REI, provides professional  automotive grade electronics for the transportation industry.   Their wide range of products makes a custom solution for you easy and dependable.

Streamlight provides a wide range of illumination products.  Weather it is rechargeable scene lighting, headlamps, or handheld flashlights streamlight has a product to fit your needs.

Whelen offers products for automobile, aviation, mass notification, and Motorsports.  They offer vehicle specific products.  Whelen, trusted to preform.

Havis, providing custom in vehicle consoles, computer, and equipment mounting solutions all tailored to specific vehicles.